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The lungs are organs. They are the organs that recive the air after the windpipe. They pass the air to the veins and that oxygen helps move the blood. the lungs are protected by our ribs. The lungs are the mayor organ in the respiratory sistem. It helps put and take the carbon dioxaide into our bodies. Everybody has two lungs. between the lungs you will find the heart.


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The bronchus is a tube that recive the air from the trachea. It deliverese the air to the lungs. The trachea is devide into two main bronchies. Then the two main bronchies devide into even smaller and samller bronchies. The bronchies help the lungs do there work easier. It helps pass the air faster and more amount of air at a time. It takes used gas and turns it into energy so the body can use it. It is a very hard and very strong tube.

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The diaphragm is a wall of muscle that seperates the abdomen and the chest. It is under the lungs. It opens and closes so the air can go in and out.

pleural cavity

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The pleural cavity are the spaces between the lungs and the ribs. The plueral cavity are tissues that give protection to the lungs.

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The ribs are not part of our respiratory system but they are very important for our lungs because they protect them incase you fall nothing really seriuse will happen to your lungs. They are part of our skeletal system.