How does repiratory system work toghether with other systems?

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You might be asking by now what will happen with out a respiratory system?

Well first of all the respiratory system lets blood move oxygen which makes muscles and other organs move so without oxygen you will die within 5 minutes or less!

If you stop breathing your body will stop making blood move which will cause your brain to stop working and if that happens you could still be alive but you will have a medical state which is that you are alive but you will never wake up.

Connections with other systems:


This system is connected to the circulatory system becuase the respiratory system passes the oxygen to the to all our veins and arteris and they pass it to the cells that need it. So if the cells didn't have oxygen they would die and we to would die.


They are connected because our skeleton protects everything our lungs,windpipe everything. Our skeleton protects all our organs.


The connection is, the diaphgram is a muscle and without it we woulden't be able to breathe.


The brain sends nervs down to tell our diaphgram to move when we breathe in so the lugs have space.


You eat through your mouth and you breath to, so the digestive system prevents the food from going down through your throat and choking.

Well with out this system I can assure you you wouldn't be alive and if you were alive you will be living connected to a machine with out the option to wake up.

As you can see the repiratory system is connected to all the systems in our body and they all depend on one anoather. If we were missing any of these systems we would probaly be dead.

All our body is like a machine that all the pieces depend on each other.